Sunday, November 25, 2007

In Honor of Dickens Faire Season

I would KILL to get my hands on fabric like this!!!!!

Just thought I would share some photos that I collected for inspiration! This is my goal finish my Dickens Faire Costume that I have been working on forEVER!!!!! I am always working on everyone Else's projects instead of mine. Its like the doctor with the sick children ..... my projects take to the back shelf. I'm not complaining......I love my life. Instead of traveling this year, I think I should take the time and $$$ required for recreation and just finish the things that I have started and actually let everyone see up close and personal that of which I am capable.


These pics are from a recent auction. Its a basic shape for mid 19th century, but I love the side view and esp. the pleating in the back - and the vibrant color. That purple watermark fabric is killing me! The dresses this woman had collected were just amazing.


G.G. said...

It's called either watermark taffeta or moire' - since it's not very popular right now, it's hard to find. I sought for ages for it in ivory to fix a Victorian gown. Search eBay for "moire fabric" and you can find plenty, and in different colors. This dress would call for what, nearly 10 yds? I usually make Renaissance gowns, which take about 8 so I'm just guessing.

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Hi g.g. - I remember seeing it now and then, but dont see it very often anymore. Its just wonderful stuff!