Sunday, November 25, 2007

Factory Of Fluff

Fluffie Rufflies™.

I am now offering the Fluffie Rufflie™ Dance Pants in sizes!

Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pants : a form fitting
yoga-style, low-rise stretch knit pant with 5 layers
of cascading ruffles that start above the knee and
fluff down to the floor.

XS hip 31-35
S hip 33-37
M hip 35-39
L hip 37-42
XL hip 39-44

Inseam Sizes:
Wee 28-29
Middie 30-31
Regular 32-33
Tall 34-35

I know this isnt going to cut it for everyone in the inseam department, so just let me know if you need another inseam size and I’ll work it out for you. These are the most asked for sizes at this point in time. I’ll still do custom orders - inquire about pricing or larger sizes. I should now be quicker at getting these out for you with this sizing system.

Fluffie Rufflie™ Pantaloons are in sizes now also!

Fluffie Rufflie Pantaloons : a loose, comfortable
cotton/ woven pantaloon style with 5 layers of ruffles
that start above the knee and cascade to the floor.

S hip 31-36
M hip 35-39
L hip 37-44

Hip to Hem:
Ittie 33-34
Bittie 35-36
Average 37-38
Amazon 39-40
Glamazon 41-42

Im still doing custom orders. Inquire about pricing.

How to get the ball rolling........
Give me your zip code and and any colors or extra details you would like to have on your pants. I will let you know if a particular color is unavailable.Black, white, ivory are the most available colors at the moment. I will figure out the whole amount for you and send you an invoice through paypal.I happily will mail to Europe via USPS Global Express.

I do not take checks, money orders, or credit cards.

I prefer using this email addresses: for correspondence . Otherwise I cannot be responsible for any mixups should Tribe or Myspace go down (if you have been contacting me through sites). make sure I have your phone number just in case!

I then send you a measurement chart that I will need
you to fill out and send back to me as soon as you

As soon as your order comes up in line, I make your
garment.I send you your new Rufflies and
you jump up and down for joy!

I often get requests for contrasting colored ruffles
and if the fabric is readily available, I will gladly
do this for $15.00 extra.

Feel free to ask questions and inquire about any
other costuming needs you may have need of!


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