Monday, November 26, 2007

A Wedding Under The Redwoods

I have been to many weddings and I have to say that weddings in the redwoods are the best Ive ever seen. It cant be anything other than beautiful! Bianca was a gorgeous bride and everyone, including the camera, just loves her.

Bianca bought her dress online and brought it to me because it was a little small up top and too long. What I did was shorten it, take the fabric from the leftover scraps, take out the zipper, cut away some of the back, add self fabric loops, a ribbon and modesty panel, and created a lace up the back look that fits like a glove! Then I covered a couple buttons for the center back and added a loop to hook on the buttons, and Bianca was able to "bustle" up the skirt in the back when she wanted to run around and enjoy her party, and have it down for the ceremony.

I also created a wrap with silk and silk velvet, which she ended up using all the time as it gets quite chilly under the trees this time of the year.

I do this all the time to wedding dresses. It solves a lot of problems, gives a great fit, is adjustable and flattering to all shapes and sizes, and can be done to almost any dress. While I adore and much prefer making you a dress to fit that you can pass on down through the ages, I understand the need to sometimes work within a realistic budget. This is certainly one way to do just that.

Photos: christina Russ

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Anonymous said...

where did this wedding take place?
I am looking to get married among the redwoods above santa cruz