Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mother Of The Bride

I don't usually do Mother Of The Bride outfits because for some reason most mothers think they have to look conservative and frumpy and I don't do frumpy unless its for a particular reason. Women can and do look glamorous and beautiful at any age. Mothers should look stylish and can step out of that box that society likes to put us in. This is what you should be wearing. You should have me make it for you because it will fit and flatter as off the rack seldom does.

Marsha's jacket is of a burned velvet and silk shantung. Fall colors, textures and tiny details go with Marsha's coloring and personality! It is cropped to compliment the high waisted brown silk skirt that I made to go with it. Both skirt and jacket have self covered buttons. You cant tell by the photos, but the skirt has a halter styled strap that buttons at the neck. Under the jacket, I made Marsha a blouse of a semi-sheer silk jaquard. I was inspired to use the sleeves from a 1930's blouse pattern that have shirring at the shoulder and neckline. Just gorgeous for an autumn wedding in the woods!

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Lynne Rutter said...

oh my god that came out amazing!!!!