Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tiny Stitches

One thing I like to say to people when I talk about making ANYTHING by hand (unless you are basting) is that if you are doing handwork, tiny stitches are best. The clothing of old were all made by hand with little tiny stitches. Women and tailoring apprentices were instructed to sew using the tiniest of stitches. The tinier the stitch, the stronger the garment. They would be made to do their samples over and over again until they did it right.

If you look on the inside of a well made garment or quilt constructed before the days of sewing machines, chances are that it is still around partly because of its construction.

And while most of us will never have the patience nor the need to construct garments by hand, I still like to have everyone take the tiniest stitches that they can if  they would like their project to withstand the test of time and usage. And it just looks like you actually took the time to do a good job - it looks much better.

I stole images from youtube and the New York Nineteenth Century Society!

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Bobbie said...

I took your tiny stitches to heart and last weekend when covering a bra with black velvet I used the tiniest stitches I could possibly do. The seams look amazing and I think you would be very proud of them. I enjoy your blog and all of the things you write about sewing. I wished I lived closer to you because I would love to take lessons from you!