Monday, April 25, 2011

Tudor Costume Stash Challenge Part 1

My friend Janet Canning of Lost Coast Historical Patterns challenged me the other day to make a Tudor dress from my stash. This really is a challenge, because I dont think I have much these days in my stash that would be suitable for Tudor Attire. However, I did find this that might work for part of it. If it isnt perfect, well as someone once said to me......."if they coulda, they woulda"...........

And that's right. So I might have to go purchase some fabric to make this challenge work,  but I'll make do with what Ive got and see what I can come up with. I need a hot, poorly ventilated costume to go wilt somewhat authentically at the next  Renaissance Fair, don't I?

I do. So this is part one of my challenge. I'll document my progress and you can either laugh with me, or cry with me as I try to make it work!

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