Sunday, April 24, 2011

Joyous Easter Tidings - She Has Risen From Her Bed

 Happy Easter Everyone!

Crockett is a quiet town anyway as rule - except on every Sunday evening when the neighbors across the way have a beer bash  or when my neighbor next door starts drinking and turns his speakers up full blast at 3am  ( hey, its the wild, wild west out here)  but on the holidays, nary a peep is heard at all.  So Ive taken the cue and sat around in my pajamas all morning and watched the sun filter through the newly leafed out tree in the backyard. The giant Salvia bush is full of fragrant blooms and my backyard is slowly filling up with all the great, leafy plants that my assistant, Susie Bianca, keeps bringing me. I'm pretty happy here as I settle down and settle in! Maybe I'll add on a few years that the city living took from me.

Im sending some Mark Ryden inspiration your way on this tranquil morn. Gotta shake this tranquility up a bit. Cant take these Christian holidays full of stolen pagan traditions and imagery too seriously!

Sorry some of these are fuzzy - I just took them vaguely from the internets. Enjoy!

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