Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fingerless Gloves For The Romantic

Sometimes I like nothing better than to sit down and make these little delicate fingerless gloves!
Spring does this to me - it makes me want to sew up little confections to wear.
There are moments in my studio when I have mountains of lace and tulle and netting sitting in piles around me. Every now and then I just want to dive in...............but I check myself every time. Its the feeling you had as a child when you saw a pile of leave! Its a pretty sight, I must say!
Sometimes I just turn over the edge on the knuckle part and stictch it down, and sometimes I take a soft strip of tulle and bind the edges. Ive been hand stitching the thumb hole edges down.. I cant seem to make it work any other way. And I like how it looks.
Go to my Etsy store as I'll be putting these up when I can!

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