Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sulamith Wulfing

Back in the 90's when I used to hang out up in Marin County a lot,  I scoured the thrift stores religiously. A friend of mine and I found an old polyester housecoat from the 70's that had been made from fabric screened with Sulamith Wulfing  images. I don't know the term for that type of printing, but it was very popular back then. I made something for my friend out of this coat and then kept the scraps for myself. I made a corset from the bits I kept. This corset is one of the things I have made that I cant part with. This fabric has been one of my favorite scores because when I discovered Sulamith Wulfing in the 70's, her art pierced my heart and stayed there til this day. How powerful to be able to do that to someone through one's art.
Tonight I googled "Sulamith Wulfing" and my corset popped up in the images!
 And here is a front view. Kristine Adams is the lovely model. Her tattoos blended in so beautifully with the corset - the upper image is one of my very favorites!
So here are some images of Ms. Wulfing's that I hope bring you as much inspiration as they did me. Romance and sadness of spirit, medievalism, intricate embroideries and jewels, crowns and magic, nature and the mystic...............I read somewhere once that she fled Nazi Germany because Hitler wanted her to paint for him. That's what I remember and cant find any of that info now. She did leave Germany and was separated from her husband, but they were reunited.

Here is a picture of Sulamith......


Coby said...

Wow, What a find! I LOVE Sulamith's artwork. Beautiful corset, perfect item to show her art :)

Coby said...
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Kathleen Crowley said...

Im so happy you found this! Thanks!