Monday, April 18, 2011

Bias Summer Dresses

Im starting to make some little summer dresses and slips. Flouncy and bouncy, pretty and versatile with an old world charm, these can be paired with pants, skirts, worn under or over another dress to create new styles for your every mood this season! Lightweight and practical, as well as feminine and flirty,  they are so easy to care for!
For those who dont understand the term "bias cut", this means that instead of cutting out a garment straight on the grain, I lay out a pattern on the fabric nearly sideways. When this is cut and sewn up, the fabric hangs on the body in a more graceful way. The fabric moves with you, is stretchy and form fitting without being sculpted. It is a process that uses up more fabric and many refuse to even to attempt to sew ANYTHING on the bias, but the results are well worth it. 
These little dresses are cute and affordable!
Happy Spring!

Check out my etsy store and give yourself a treat with a new dress! Keep checking in as I will be posting new items as I can make them!

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