Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!!!


I think I have all my handmade aprons up and listed on Etsy now! Just in time for all the spring cleaning you cant WAIT to do! These aint yo mama's aprons and once they are gone, I wont be making any others. Ive got them marked waaaaaaaaaaay down for clearance and trust me, they are worth much more. Ive added buttons and ric rac, gold coins and bells know - to keep the evil dust bunnies at bay.............
So check out my Etsy Store and see what else you cant live without!
I've been very busy with catching up on backorders and meeting deadlines. Ive been packing up those patterns that Ive been promising you and am about to ship them out to you! Ive been working on a tutorial for these Fluffie patterns and hope to have that up and here on my blog within the week!

Please keep checking into the shop - I know we just have smalls and extra smalls at the moment, but we're working on that problem here at KCCC. We would also like to have a lot more skirts soon. Susie Bianca, my trusty assistant and I are sewing away like crazy!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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