Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Season

 Today was the first warm day of the year. I found a raccoon in the backyard, a little squirrel scampered up to me while I was having my morning coffee on the front step, birds Ive never seen before are chirping in the newly leafed out trees and flowers are popping up everywhere.........its spring and its the season of the bride!

Last month was a crazy month filled with working on the usual orders, getting my patterns printed, and getting ready for my trip to Seattle. And then of course, Japan fell apart, and this chaos compounded any stress I was feeling. I had to get a grip and ignore the threats of radioactive fallout and a major earthquake about to tear the west coast from the rest of the continent. I had things to do, damn it. And a wedding dress to finish! And if California slipped into the sea, some of my cliants were not going to get their orders. The stress was unbearable!

Ive mentioned before that brides are notorious for not giving me photographs of thier wedding dress after the wedding. Not everyone is like this of course, but now  that Im seriously trying to get a website up for bridal, I cant find many decent photos of my work. Awkward family taken photos just will not do. Many of my former cliants have disapeared or are just not responding to my requests,  so Im taking matters into my own hands and Im making some wedding dress samples to have photographed. These will be my designs and this will be better for me anyway. Ive got loads of gorgeous silk to work with and last night I was dreaming about at least three gowns ...........the creative juices are flowing! I do wish that I had been more proactive in staying in touch once a gown leaves the studio.........lesson learned.

There is one Steampunk inspired wedding outfit that I am currently working on that is being revamped from an existing wedding dress with a new bodice/jacket cut  from some lovely damask. Im pretty sure that we can use almost the whole dress for this new bustled gown. No waste allowed!

Aprils' going to be busy too - but hopefully a bit more peaceful.

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