Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inseams or No Inseams

 Some of you may know that Ive been talking about making my Fluffie Rufflie patterns available to the public for some time. This has taken me longer than I imagined it would take. Mostly because Ive had no idea how this is supposed to happen. Every time I turn around, the economy gets worse and worse - and it costs money to make anything. Even a pattern. Its just not the same thing as drafting one for manufacturing. Its got to be understandable to a home sewer. Its a thing in itself that's got to be manufactured. Its got to be printed and folded and put in something. That something would ideally be appealing to look at. You have to print in bulk.  People ask me why I don't just sell it in pdf form.  No way. I want you to buy it and have it in your hands. I want you to open the package and unfold the paper like in the old days when everyone sewed this way and say - Wow. Or WTF.  I just want it to be a thing and not an electrical thing that you print out. Call me weird.

I've been working on cleaning up my oaktag patterns - the permanent every day ones that I use for the Fluffie Rufflie pants and pantaloons. When I say that I'm cleaning them up, I mean that they are so chewed up from cutting around them for 5 years, that Ive got to make the edges straight again, make sure the original specs are still there, the edges and seams match up, and that I'm using the right pieces for the right garment. They are covered with coffee splashes and every color of pen and pencil known to mankind. Ive been making these babies for 5 years. It boggles my mind. Can it be?
 I'm cleaning these up so that I can take them to a place who will take my specs and digitize the pattern in order for me to have them printed out in paper form - in a form that I can sell to the public. I want the pattern pieces multi sized and nestled in one on top of the other. I have a rudimentary idea now about how this process works and I believe that I must be doing it all ass backwards. But bit by bit, its getting done and I'm learning a lot along the way. I really thought there would be some info online about this process for the small indie pattern maker, but all I get is info about pattern drafting and not how to actually manufacture your patterns. Ive found a bit here and there for those who will discuss their secrets. There are printers who have minimum orders only that I cant afford. There is the packaging that I cant afford. But somehow it will be manifested.

I wont even go into how my inseam system is throwing a glitch in the whole process for me. If I nestle the pattern, how do I show all the inseams? It works for the pantaloons, but not so much for the knit pants because of the way I make them. This may be so not a big deal for many  - but for me, it  IS rocket science almost. Almost. I'll figure it out. Or I'll find someone to help.

But I have a deadline. I want the first draft - no matter how unattractive - to sell to the ladies who will be attending Cues and Tattoos up in Seattle this month. I haven't got much time and I wont be able to get many printed up, but I will have SOME available to whoever attends my workshop. For those of you who want a pattern, I will have to charge you something for the pattern, but I wont charge you whatever the full price will be. I have no idea how much this will even cost me. I could be in for a rude awakening. I may have to take pre-orders to get them done. BUT - this will be so awesome! I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with and what materials you all use. Some of you may go, this is so simple....what was all the fuss about. And some may go - OH. I think I'll just have her make me a pair! LOL! Some of you will be able to play with this flounce and piece it to save money and fabric.( something I cant do very often when I make them to sell)

And because its my design and I will be saying so on the pattern, you can make your own pants. You can make them for your troupe, You can make them for your neighbor, You can make them for your neighborhood, but you cannot manufacture them.  And if you do, you will hear from me.

I'll still sew Fluffie Rufflies for you if you want them, but it will be a limited thing. I need to make other things now. Hopefully this new endeavor will allow me to be freed up to actually do some designing. Maybe focus on all those skirts and OTHER pants Ive been trying to throw at you. Wouldn't that be nice???????

I also just hired someone to help me out once or twice a week.Ive tried this on and off, but this woman is a sewer and she lives nearby.  I think she'll be nice to have around and be a big help with the sewing that I cant get to. Ive been needing this for a long time.  Between sewing, admin, patterning, cutting fabric, packing orders.........and readjusting to my new life........there isn't much time to do things efficiently by myself. . And she lives nearby. And she's a hula dancer. This is good!
And as you can see..............we need to get these sewn up and into your mailbox!

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Rose said...

Have you checked with the Center for Pattern Design in St. Helena? I've never visited, but I know some experienced/professional pattern designers who think highly of this organization (I only include the adjectiive "professional" because I sew fewer than 10 hours a week.

I'm a home sewer and I think that the fluffie rufflie pants look really cool. And I would sew them up!

Good luck with your project!

Rose in SV