Monday, March 28, 2011

Cues And Tattoos

I just got back yesterday from the Cues and Tattoos belly dance festival up in Seattle - what a whirlwind trip!
This festival is really a great event for that part of the world! Lots of workshops and vendors, teaching and dance opportunities!

I came down with that fluie/buggie/coldie thing thats going round - about a week before I left for the festival, and it just hung on. So this threw a wrench in my energy gears and I felt like I was swimming under water the whole time. But despite that, my costuming workshop went well, I think. I hope everyone got something out of it - and of course, I sold some of my patterns and got to explain a few techniques to make your costumes fit better. I learned some things as well. Like don't be sick when you need to teach: but shit happens!

The festival started off with getting to perform in the teacher showcase with Rashani. Ive danced on and off with these ladies for 15 years, and although I don't dance or practice much, its easy to step in and dance again when we are together. I think we looked pretty good! Go take Wendy's classes - she is a lovely, well rounded dancer and has studied all around the world! And of course, Marsha is part of FatChanceBellyDance! I'm pretty lucky to have such ladies as friends!

I also spent a lot of time with my son and granddaughter Ivy while I was up there. She wasn't all that interested in the sewing machine. But its early yet.

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Dusty Paik said...

USTI USTI BABA!!! YAY. Kaffleen, I get to see you dance, and it's to an awesome song too? What a treat. You were lovely.