Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bloomers, Baby!

Bloomers! Ive got Bloomers!! A shorter variation of the Fluffie Rufflie Pantaloons! Cute, Comfy, Easy to wear, and a great filler for your wardrobe! Great with skirts and dresses - Ive been wearing them a lot and they are pretty versatile .........nicest bloomers since 1849!

These would be great for a Victorian or Steampunk inspired wedding!

Ive been on a new order moratorium for about a month now. Ive had so much catching up to do and I just had to take some time off to eat and sleep. You know - the important things in life.

So I ate and slept a bit and only have about 15 orders out there needing work on - many mostly done waiting for final touches.

I can take some new orders now. I'd like to keep it to Fluffie Rufflies and just have everything else available on etsy as I can make it. I also have to get ready for Tribal Fest and our next Tribal Boutique.

When ordering, please give me a few months at least and realize there are people ahead of you in line. I have to make those ahead of you my priority although your order is special as well!

Ive spent the last couple years trying to make everyone happy and it has ended up with a couple people getting angry that their orders were taking so long. That's how it is, though, folks. And while I only want to make cute, pretty, or amazing things, I have to have the time to do it in. Its the 'I only have two hands' syndrome. And although I have helpers when possible, I do most of it.

So this year, I am hoping that I can make all those skirts, tops, pants, and outfits that Ive wanting to make. Patterns too. But the patterns just don't seem cost effective at this point in time.

Model: Victoria
Photo: Kristine Adams

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Elizabeth said...

I love the bloomers! And especially the's nice to know it's in MY closet! I wear it whenever I can!