Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Fog Is Back

I survived our little heat wave and was so relieved when the fog finally rolled in. It was kind of the same feeling you get when you've been needing to pee 4EVER and you finally do. Just a rush of relief. Sorry to be so graphic - that's just how it felt.

But I cut out more fabric than I thought Id be able to while dripping wet. It was so very east coast in the summertime. I couldn't remember the heat like this. And then I had to laugh as I remembered that I spent most of the last two years in a basement. missed the worst of the bad weather except when it rained a lot and got flooded out. Well, its always something, isn't it.

I had the History Channel on in the background all weekend. Armageddon Weekend - my favorite so far. There are so many ways the world can end. Im sure we've all known that - If not by our own hand, then by an asteroid or solar flares. Its just all so dreary and morbid and I love it all. The end is near, folks. My big question is - where do all the souls go if we are all evaporated at once? Do the souls evaporate too? Do souls have a shelf life? Is there another planet for our souls to reincarnate on? But wouldn't that be a bit like an invisible alien invasion? Maybe that happens here. Maybe that would explain a lot. Does an alien soul with no where to go feel comfortable reincarnating in an alien body on a new planet? And vice versa? Perhaps that is what is happening to my poor neighbor who wanders the street shouting at everyone all day. Maybe that is what schizophrenia is all about.

No. I'm not on crack. But perhaps Ive been invaded by a poor alien soul with nowhere to go. Welcome home, buddy!! Back to work I go.

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