Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Swine Swindle

I have to write this.
At the risk of pissing some people off - and not to disrespect or in any way create grief for those who have been affected or lost a loved one, almost 40,000 people in the U.S. alone die from the flu or flu related symptoms each year. At least those are the statistics Ive been seeing. (and for some reason, now I cant find these statistics anymore online.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm)

So WTF? Now people are afraid to come to Tribal Fest because of the flu? People, people people............the AIDS virus is still running rampant, and people are still not using condoms..........Mad cow disease is still found in our meat supply...........the bubonic plague has been controled, yes, but is still alive and well. Nobody wants to get sick, but lets get this widespread flu panic thing under control and get real. Even those who should know better are panicking. Lets keep the panic about other things, shall we? The world economy. The lies we are force fed each and every day. The pesticides ingrained in the seeds that our food sources come from. The monoplization of patents for cloning life. Cloning life!!!!!!!!!!! The relatively undrinkable water that we have to drink every day. Cancer from our toxic lifestyles. Global warming. AIDS. Where is the worldwide hysterical panic in all of that????????????????????????????

Wash your hands for fucks sake and don't touch your face. I'm more concerned about all the literal crap that goes into processing our food or the deforestation and decimation of the rain forests.

We're all gonna die, folks. Every single last one of us. From an asteroid, or solar flames, or an earthquake, a clogged artery, or a virus. The list is long, my friends.
We are probably due for a global cleansing very soon, but every time there is a scare, not much happens, does it. It will one day, though. I think we are all aware that it happened in the early 1900's and it will happen again. If this is it, I want to keep living til it hits me. I will not quake in fear.

If we had a healthier planet, we wouldn't have so much pestulance to worry about. And actually, this is natures' way of keeping the population of humans in check anyway. Its not working anymore, is it, though Gods knows Mother Nature tries.

Unless you have an autoimmune system that is easily compromised, lets get on the plane. Wash Hands. Use your antibacterial gels. Or even wear a surgical mask. Use common sense. You may or may not get sick. Last time I went overseas, I got very sick and had to dance anyway. But it wont stop me from getting on a plane next time.

Lets dance and shop and have fun! I seriously doubt you will die from the flu. Not here. Not now. Lets not let ourselves be distracted from things that get overlooked when the media seizes upon an opportunity to distract us! You know what Im talking about!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that everyone is chasing their youth. Missing out on the current because they're afraid of what might (not) happen in the future.

I love how you worded this, and I hope people listen. I feel for those who have lost loved ones to the flu, but i also feel for those who have lost loved ones to mental illness, heart attacks, cancer, etc...

I remember talking with my grampa after the warnings of the bird flu 'pandemic' and he was petrified. And it was for nothing

Then i mention carrying capacity to people and they freak, thinking i'm morbid. Argh.

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Carrying Capacity.........I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! One would think we were the most negative people in the world!

Oh well! Carry on the wake up calls!