Friday, April 10, 2009

This Fine Spring Day

Yes, thats Ms. Courtney Love and Im pretty sure those are my sleevelets that she's sportin.............which reminds me that Ive got to make more!

Lotsa packages going out today! And then one more large shipment of way backed up orders and I'll feel like I can breathe a bit. What am I saying............then its the Tribal Fest crunch sewing marathon. I want to take Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pants, maybe some pantaloons, hopefully those tops from that bag of pretty fabric sitting on my table, SKIRTS - skirts: the promised skirts, sleevlets, scarves, pantaloons and pretty the hell am I going to accomplish all this????????????

We'll just see what I can pull out of my magical hat!

Maybe I'll win the lottery - well, we all dream, don't we! Some people go crazy when they strike it rich. They buy stuff they don't need - cars, furs, name it and then they lose it all.

I just want to pay some debt, buy some health insurance, buy a car that runs good, take care of my aging parents, buy shoes and clothes (of course) within reason, and get the little workshop/ atelier of my dreams. I want to employ people who know their stuff, work their asses off, help me grow my business, and in turn, I will treat them well. That's all. That's all I want.

Oh, and to travel around the world and help out my son and Friends and family.

Oh, and to hire someone to field all the crazies and people who want a piece of me!

Oh, and to retire in one of those fancy/shmancy elderly homes that cater to all your needs.......and then just put me in one of those pretty baskets and bury me green in a field somewhere. Give me to the worms. Amen.

Well, Im off to pick up Haydn at the airport for a mother and son Easter reunion!

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