Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Turkish Roman Style

I have not been dancing for a good year or so. Just quit. Had had enough. Feet hurt. Knees hurt. My troupe had no ambition. I just ended it and concentrated on work.

But all work and no play makes Kathleen crazy, so I went to Elizabeth Strong's Turkish Roman dance class tonight. Its my favorite dance style. So earthy and fun. My favorite music to dance to - and I actually did a fusionie version of it once onstage that some say looked good. But they may have been just being nice. You know how those Brits are. ( I love you! ) Its also easier to perform something new (at least for me) when no one I know is watching!

As soon as I get the steps down with the 9/8 rhythm, I'm fine. I can get the drop hip thingie to look somewhat reasonable. But as soon as the hands and arms come into play, the whole thing falls apart. Elizabeth doesn't teach often so I go when I can, which just isn't enough. I'll have to be satisfied to watch YouTube performances and wait til her DVD comes out. I do like it though. I can see me totally having some attitude with it once I get it down. If I ever do.

At least I got a good workout and stretched muscles I seem to forget about when I'm at the gym. I had a good time.

And Elizabeth was wearing her black stretch velvet Sampants. They really look great on! The stretch velvet circular ruffles drape and swing so nice when she dances. I forgot how nice they look on a real body. Ive been making them lately out of black cotton/Lycra with a double ruffle and they are very nice too. But there is something about the black velvet. I almost stopped making them because some people said they are too hot in the summer. I say buy the cotton/Lycra if you cant take the heat, but that velvet is the stuff. I just love it!

Class info if you are near the FatChanceBellyDance Studio and have some knowledge of the footwork for next week!

Elizabeth Strong-Fancy 9/8 Footwork of the Turkish Roman
Two Thursdays: 23 and 30 Apr 7:30-9pm

Take two specialized Turkish Rom ("Gypsy") dance classes in two weeks. The first segment will cater to beginners in this style. More fundamental breakdown of rhythm and technique will be included, and students will familiarize themselves with the flair and feeling of this expressive folk dance. Then ramp it up a couple notches for more complex foot patterns and layering. The second segment will be for those who already are comfortable with the basics of this style, or who are willing for an initiation by fire. Really dance the dance and feel the joy that comes with getting to fly within this form!

Please wear yoga pants, a plain hip sash, bare feet and a comfortable top. Bring a notebook or video camera if you like. Please use videos only as a personal learning tool.
$16 or two ticks from your class card.

Photo: Brad Dosland

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Amber said...

I also took Liz's workshop! She's so helpful and informative. And when she was here she was also wearing her Sampants and they look so good in person!