Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tribal Boutique!!

A new collective of professional bellydance desingers and artisans has formed to network, collaborate, propell ourselves forward out into the world, and hold each other up as a supportive unit - something long needed - and I am a proud member.

Since we are so new, we dont have an official name yet, but we thought that those of us who are around right now, could have a little boutique that might be more accessable for some - rather than wait for a more bustling venue. The plan is to do this once a month and hopefully be available for the traveling dancers and admirers of our work.

Forgive my photoshop attempt! I just wanted to get the info up! LOL!!!!!

So far we have:
Minerva's Antennae
Medina Maitreya

Please come by if you can!


Katrina Burbank said...

oh how i wish i could go! perhaps some day i will find myself in california...

Amber said...

Three! THREE designers I adore in one place. Life is not fair (especially since it will be THREE days before my birthday.) I'll be sulking in Massachusetts ;)