Monday, March 23, 2009

My Dream Sunday

Life is kind of settling down now for me into a pleasant new hum of activity without the previous stresses of my prior daily life.

Thank You Universe! I got Exactly what I asked for!

So yesterday, I had packed up a bunch of orders and did a little photo shoot with Kristine Adams and her niece in our hallway. Feeling like I had gotten a lot done that day, I hitched a ride with Kristine and friends to go pick up some furniture at the Warehouse in Port Costa. And then some other friends were going as well, so it turned into a little party.

When we got there, it turned out that Wendy Addison from Theatre Of Dreams was going to be letting us into the building. So I FINALLY got to go inside her Amazing Wonderland of a shop and meet her. I felt like I was meeting the Queen. Rarely do I "idolize" people (for lack of better word - maybe an artists' crush would be more like it?) - but there I was being the nervous fan. Silly but true and she hugged me. Does it get better than that??????

Now Kristine and I have great big glass glittered WC letters on our bathroom door!

So we loaded up furniture, had drinks at the warehouse, had fun and intelligent conversation, headed back to town, unloaded furniture and then we all went out for dinner in the Haight. One of my more fun and all-too-rare-these-days impromptu adventures..........

Such a nice Sunday!

Photo stolen from Wendy Addison's blog - this is one of her beautiful walls!

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