Friday, April 4, 2008

Zil Bags Deluxe

I feel naked without my zil bag. Yes, its true. But only when I'm going somewhere where I need my zils!

I love my zil bag. I have abused this thing so badly. It has been rained on, stepped on, inspected in airports, taken everywhere, been thrown on dirty floors, been kicked around in the dirt - and it is still pretty.

I put a ribbon handle on it but I found it unnecessary to have.
Except to hang on a doorknob.
Ive made others without the ribbon, but am more than happy to put on a little ribbonerie for you!
They are being sold on etsy.
They are a work of art.
They are lined and reinforced.
They are sturdy and durable.

For those uninitiated.......zils are finger cymbals.
They should be treated with care like any musical instrument.
What better way to show respect to your craft than to encase them in something sturdy and lovely.
They compliment your tribalishisness!

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