Thursday, April 3, 2008

Glorious, Glorious Spring!

So what does gardening have anything to do with clothing or costuming or my biznis?

Well, last year I had the opportunity to grow a a little garden in the abandoned yard next to my studio. I hadn't grown anything in a long time due to circumstances. Living in the city with no backyard was problematic for any kind of garden. I had a little terrace above my last workshop, but the neighbors were skitzo and I didn't want to be around them. So when I got to grow some flowers, herbs and veggies last year, I did a little creative visualization - as it grew, I imagined my business growing.

Well, the garden had problems. It was overrun with weeds, snails, slugs, and poor soil, and acacias that popped up everywhere. We had to put roundup on the acacia to keep it down, so I didn't really want to eat much that grew out there. Most of it went uneaten and went to seed or got pulled up in the fall. But I tended it as best as I could and my business grew - with problems - but it grew.

A season of weeding and pruning and mulching did a great deal to prep the yard this spring for growing. But instead of planting everything in the ground, I put it all in pots and containers. I weeded and raked and hoed and made the garden look so much better than it did last year. I found flagstones and rocks under the soil and made walkways.

Growing in containers will be different for me, but I prepared myself for it. And we can deal with the acacias now without worrying about the integrity of the plants. It is an experiment and I know it can be done.

Today was probably the most gorgeous day we've had this year by far. Spring is indeed here. My little plants are in their pots, the gardener came by today and pulled the overgrown grasses - I just couldn't get to it all. There was too much. And she weed whacked and watered and the yard looks pretty decent now. So as this garden grows better this year, so will my business.

Its just like that.

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