Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fabric Stash Challenge

My friend Janet Canning of Lost Coast Historical Patterns And Costume Supply proposed a while back that we costumers and sewers take the recycle and reuse way of life a tad further this year. She proposed that we put our thinking caps on and find creative ways to use our fabric stashes to make new - or finish ongoing costuming would make us use what we already have, raise our creativity levels, hopefully create less waste, and save money in this time of economic hardship.

I am taking this challenge. What comes out of this may be somewhat un historically correct, but I have this gene that demands that I do what I want anyway. Besides, just because people of another era didn't have our fabrics, doesn't mean they wouldn't have used them if they had them.

Coulda..........woulda..........Lets call it Steampunk or something.

This doesn't mean that I wont feed the fabric economy when needed. I certainly shall with gusto. We have to feed the fabric stores or they go away. And they are going down frighteningly fast.

But lets think twice before we buy things we don't need. Lets save some money. Lets use what we've got and see what we can come up with.

Thanks for the great idea, Janet!

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