Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Day Of Rest

Yesterday I took a much needed day off and headed up north to visit my dear friend Moonalisa.

I love visiting Moona. Her home is always so inspiring to me - Sensual, mystical, warm, fun, happy and filled with light and laughter.

Victoriana, Gothic glamor, rich colors, glorious scents, eclectic mixes of ancient, mystic artifacts to hardcore heavy metal to 70's kitch - her home reflects her soul. She creates a rich environment that reflects her art. Or does her art reflect her home? It is all one and the same. To see the packaging on her amazing products is to see into Moona's see into her soul.

I was given the last drop of of Haunted - a scent that she created with me in mind. All sold out folks - and now I see why. This stuff is pure magic. Like perfumes of old, the scent morphs gradually until what you get is a wafting of what smells like rich, dark woodland earth. I am honored.

So when I can, and that is rare any more, I take a trip to Moona's house and sit under a canopy by her herb garden and sip tea, or go eat lunch at the Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa, or have a craftie afternoon concocting all sorts of trouble, or eat chili popcorn and watch horror movies.

And now she's expecting a sweet little baby boy.

It doesn't get much better than that!

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