Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Is Why I Do This

I just recieved this wonderful email from a happy customer. This is the real reason why I do what I do. Of course I need to earn a living, but I also like to think I can bring a little touch of beauty and happiness to the world now and again.

Greetings creatrix,

so grateful
yesterday my sweety brought me your package up stairs in bed....I
have had a really terrible flu bug and yesterday was the peak...
but what a delight to receive these fantastic pantaloons..... with
the way you wrapped them and tied a bow I felt I was receiving a gift
a good friend... they made me laugh and smile and cry a little.
especially when he tried them on...nothing like a tan farmer in lace...
anyway you made my day yesterday and they are so sweet, comfy and fit
me perfect - length, style, and the swirly plant flower part
on the top..
and the secret polka dot part under the ruffles..
the clothing plans have changed a bit and it seems I will be sporting
these fine pants with a corset and skirt yardage bustled
up...I will try to send you photos when it all comes together...
I was thinking about the traditions of weddings where children wear
their mothers dresses....and smiling at the thought of my
grandchildren pulling these pants out of a tissue lined hat box and
saying wow grandma wore these to her
any way, thank you so much
your extra care and touches
really touched me
loves and blessings

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