Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cleavage Next Time

 I'm trying to show how its really important that a corset fit you properly. I put this one up on Etsy because I love it, but it doesnt fit me. I weighed more when I made it and I never really did fit it to myself  properly. I needed a rush job corset. And thats what I got. Although I enjoyed making it - every step of the way - I'm supposed to have cleavage. At least some. The back isnt supposed to meet like this.
 Someday, someone will love this. This person will buy it and he/she will be transformed. Until then, I'll have it on my mannequin and stare at it lovingly. And when I do find time to make myself another one, I'll do it right.
 Sometimes the iphone camera does a good job. It makes me all fuzzy and I like that. But I really need to go get a camera.

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cinderelly said...

it is beautiful! good job photographing the back while wearing it! :]