Sunday, July 11, 2010

Be Careful For What You Ask For .....................

Because when you are begging the Universe to give you a much deserved break, It might actually be listening.............

I have not signed the papers and handed over any monies yet, but I am going in and doing so next week. I got my Live/work storefront..........I am so happy and grateful, but I dare not get excited until everything is signed, sealed, and delivered. I still have to cough up a lotta dough. This may not have been such a huge issue a while back, but as most of you know - the economy has hit us all pretty hard under the belt. If I didn't think that I would be able to grow and prosper in this new workspace, I would lie low and hibernate for a while. I would carry on as Ive been doing. But the bottom line is that I do not have enough space, I cannot work as long and as hard as I need to each day (thin walls, ceilings, and floors = sensitive neighbors) and I have not been nearly as productive as I absolutely must be. So it will be a win/win situation! Its in the cards - the cards say its a green light/go opportunity!

I have been and am putting a lot of things up on Etsy as time really is simply a matter of finding the time to do it all. I'll have skirts and pants, aprons, zil bags, pasties: New things that Ive made and have not had the time or desire to list and older things that have been in storage and will be sold for a song..........some will make great Xmas gifts. (And please dear Universe, don't make me have to haul this stuff around any longer!)
I have prices listed, but the higher ones are not necessarily fixed in stone. I am willing to dicker and if we can come to a happy place price-wise, its easy enough for me to take the item down and invoice you through paypal instead.

Consider it a bit of a clearance sale. I was thinking about putting the custom items up for sale in limited quantities - but that may have to wait until I move and settle in. It really got out of hand last time I had a sale!

I hate moving. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it - I love my roommate, I love Spike, I still love San Francisco, so for me to move AGAIN before 2 years are out means that things are just not working for me here. And if it isn't working for me, I cannot be efficient. And it means that I love where I am going........

So if you have been waiting on the fence to purchase something from me, I am in dickering mode at the moment. Please know that your purchase will bring me closer to my goal: to be efficient, to step up processing time on orders, to have room to grow and be creative, to help keep local, Indy business alive and well!


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