Monday, July 26, 2010

RIP Darlenes' Fabrics

Another fabric store closed its' doors today. I did a lot of business with them and they used to give me great deals when they could. Darlene's on Mission Street is gone. I guess they will still sell down in San Jose, but I dont get out that way often. That will have to change, I guess. And I will be depending on buying supplies in LA more and more. This isnt a bad thing, its just not as conveniant as running down the road and buying that ivory lace that I just  ran out of. But what am I saying........I'm leaving town anyway!

So buy fabric. Sew. Use that sewing machine. Its a skill that you have to practice, like dancing or throwing a basketball. Just do it. If you don't, we will have nothing but cheap, ugly clothing at Ross to buy. I'm serious. There is nothing more satisfying than wearing something that you made and having someone come up to you and ask you where you got that skirt/dress/hat/pants/whatever.......

There just are no excuses. The stores have great sales - get on their mailing lists! The styles nowadays are not so difficult that with a little determination, you can make yourself a cute little dress. The pattern books are full of basic patterns that you can learn to work with.

This reminds me that I will offer sewing lessons to anyone willing to come out to Crockett. Maybe I could make it like a day long workshop thing so that you feel like you actually accomplished something. Light bulbs have clicked on over my head - can you seeeee the glow?

Now I have to go cut out the last bit of lace that I have and pray that I can find more somewhere. I will, but  this sucks.

Go wander the aisles of your closest fabric store and see if anything stirs your imagination. Feel the textures. Soak in all the hues and tones of the color pallet!  Hold the fabric up to your face and stand in front of a mirror - discover what colors suit you. Maybe you will get inspired!

If you dont buy it, it will all go away.


Lucinda said...

You are so right!! I'm so grateful my mother taught me to sew and gave me a love for fabric. I feel like it's a mission to inspire that love in all my friends. Even the ones who have no proclivity toward sewing can commission things, and learn to love that uniqueness and quality.

Rose said...

I went by Darlene's last weekend and I was sad to see that they had closed. I had shopped there about 2times in the past (I live on the SF Peninsula) Your post mentioned that they might sell in San Jose--do you know where they might be located?

Rose in SV