Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road Trip!

I'm taking a few days off and heading up North to finally see my Grandbaby, Ivy Skye.  I am pretty excited about this as its hard to get away and she is 6 months old already. Kristine and Spike and I will be driving through the night - we will both be doing our own separate family reunions..........I have to leave a few orders hanging as I couldn't get them done before I leave - but I'll get back to it on Monday. Ive been cranking out the work for the last two weeks - furiously. "Careful Cranking", I would say, as I hate to use that term. I'm not doing production. I'm sewing up some odds and ends that I cut out ages ago or using up some fabric before I move, but no production.

I think it must be confusing to people at can I be working on all these orders and then work on other stuff???? Well, to be honest, my Gemini brain needs constant stimulation. Call it ADD, call it being a Gemini, call it what you will.........but I seriously need to keep my brain from getting bored. And when I do the same thing over and over, I get depressed. If I put down one project to work on another, I'm making my brain happy. And then when I complete all these projects, I really feel like Ive accomplished something. I fought this process for years. But when I came to peace with it, I was happier. There is no one right way to do anything.

Now this can get out of control, and it seriously has a few times. Ive juggled so many things that I accidentally drop a ball now and then. An order overlaps another order and they both have to be done at the same time . Things like that.

My goal now is very obvious to me. I have about 10 designs that are marketable to several demographics, and I need to start putting them into production and making them more available. About three of them can be sold as patterns for the sewer. Ive known this for a long time, but I felt like my hands have been tied with no forward movement available to me. So I'm taking baby steps. And that's all I'm saying on the subject for now. I just mainly want to design and oversee and free myself up for some sample sewing and custom sewing. Now that this is so obvious to me, we'll see where I go with it.

But first, I'm gonna go get some baby kisses.

And if any burglars are reading this......our cats will kill you.

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Pica Maloria said...

Oh, that would be awesome to get a Kathleen Crowley pattern ooooh! Excitement!