Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Trend? Floral on Black

Christopher Kane Fall 2010.
I'm a big fan of Christopher Kane. He takes an idea and runs with it. He sets trends. I loved what he did with gingham!
So I was skimming through the runway designs at and was stunned when I saw this.
Collective consciousness at work?
I'm sure.
Are some of us on some big cosmic highway of inspiration? Yes.
Do some of us scour the internet for ideas?  Yes

Kathleen Crowley and Jon Weiss:
Its a good idea. Jon and I did this project 5 years ago or more. We wanted to make clothes with this floral on fabric idea and this was our floral on black experiment - but we were broke and couldn't move forward to take it into fashion or the next level. Story of my life. I'm not bitter or anything. Really - I'm not! (I cant do designering like Christopher Kane - oh no I cannot) I cant get ahold of my friend. I hope  he will not be upset if he ever sees this. The idea would not have taken hold at the time anyway. Its all about $$ and timing, now isnt it.

This happens all the time. Good ideas are everywhere, but not everyone can carry that idea off, and some can do it better than others. I love what Jon and I made, and I like what Christopher Kane did too. I wish I could protect some ideas better, but thats the breaks. In fashion, you just cannot. At least in the U.S.A.

Artwork (hand painting on fabric) Jon Weiss
Model: Samantha Emanuele
Photo: Kristine Adams


Pattern Junkie said...

So beautiful! The dress you and Jon made makes me gasp!

Mary said...
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Lauramaeve said...

Your stuff is gorgeous, Kathleen. You have fantastic ideas and I hope that you get more opportunities to run with them before some other 'designers' whip them out from under your nose.

I know the design industry is ripe with plagiarism. I think it's admirable that your not bitter. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

There is the argument for mankind having no original thought or creativity anymore, every thought and idea is influenced by something that has gone before... but this is taking it to far. x