Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Siren of the USO

 I'm biased and that cant be helped. Kristine Adams is my room mate, she's in my most favorite dance troupe ever, she is HUGELY talented and creative, she's a good spider killer and I love her so. She was so kind as to model for me in this fashion show and she rocked this outfit! Medina Maitreya made this hat to go with the little shortie corset and skirt. I wish you could have seen this skirt move as she walked down the aisle. The underskirt is just a basic little mermaid skirt, but I gave it a sheer lace overskirt that trails looks like she's wearing two skirts! I plan to make more of these when I can. I think it was a good design that will work well on many body types. And I like the little shortie corset. I'm making a couple of them right now for some dancers and I would like to make more of these as well. Hurry up and get better, you rascally economy so that I can hire help again!

Kristine was the embodiment of a sensuous USO siren, dont you think? You can see her and FatChanceBellyDance at the Devotion show next weekend! Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th!

Hair and makeup: Medina Maitreya
Photos: Sequoia Emmanuelle


Aline Oliveira said...

Kristine is soooooooo gorgeous!!! Her ATS looks are totaly inspiring... and thanks to you too , of course! I bet tou made that huge white skirt she wears under the jaipur ones, that's just fantastic!

hugs'n'kisses from Brazil!

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

And she is soooo sweet! I wish I could take more credit for her costuming - but I think most of it is bits and pieces from here and there, the FCBD studio, and Ive just made her a few things. She's got a great eye for style!

Lynne Rutter said...


Erling Wold said...

here i am late to the party as usual but wanted to say yes, gorgeous kristine and gorgeous style! i love the hat, and i love the short corset.