Monday, June 7, 2010

Ethereally Floored

The lighting was really too bad to get any good shots of the Salome's Suitcase fashion show last month, but
Sequoia Emmanuelle took amazing shots of some of our models back stage in the green  room.

This is Giselle Sibyl from Australia wearing my sheer silk voile gown and Foolproof jewelry. I first met her at the SF Mecca bazaar last year where she was radiating Pre Raphaelite effervescence, and she obviously still is. Every now and then someone comes along who embodies all that elusive etherealness that we try madly to attain - to no avail. You either got it or you don't!

I do not know if I will EVER get a full on shot of this gown before it is snagged to shreds, but you know, when it can help contribute to a fine composition such as this, I am a happy woman.

The dress was inspired by a slip from the 30's. The skirt is lightly gathered onto a bias cut bodice that laces up the back. The laces and loops are made of the same silk material. There is twice as much yardage in the back than in the front. It floats when you walk. It trails in a soft puddle of folds and swirls. She was just dreamy walking through the crowd!

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