Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rashani World Fusion

Today I woke up with laryngitis and chills. So its a good day to wrap myself up in a warm blanket and get to all that invoicing that I keep having to put off. I know that doesn't sound very business-like, but since Ive been doing the work of 5 women around here lately, it just happens that way sometimes. Ive been getting that much needed sleep and I guess its better that I waited to get sick now rather than a couple weeks ago!
I have been going to Wendy Marlatt's dance classes at the MoBu dance studio in Noe Valley. This is a great little light and airy dance studio with a barre  and lovely wood floors and a huge wall of mirror. She's been teaching us new arm movements (well, new for some of us, anyway) that I never would have considered with my ATS training. Its a nice blend of many dance styles. Its hard not to laugh in class sometimes ( but we do)  because she's so graceful and we are trying to learn to move gracefully without holding zills. Its a very different thing altogether for those of who focused mainly on American Tribal Style for years. My brain is rebelling with all the new footwork, but it was actually easier this week. You should go - she's great, warm, and a lot of fun! And the studio is very easy to get to. Its right on the J Church line - and its not a stinky bus with icky people for a change.
I haven't been promoting my dancer self much because I just wasn't dancing for quite a while. I got rusty and shy and full of low self esteem, but Ive been performing with Rashani World Fusion for a while now, and I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Ive been doing solos lately, which, if you know anything about ATS (my roots), it  is not focused on solo performance. And while dancing by oneself for others can be very freeing, I have had very little training in this. Its freakin scary. But thanks to Wendy, I'm  having fun with it. Who cares if I'm not doing every little thing "right". That's not what its all about!
The thing that I'm enjoying with Rashani World Fusion, is that the focus is on being a collective of dancers rather than being a troupe with just one style. So far, we all have had that strong ATS base that makes us very strong, powerful dancers and enables us to jump in as a group and dance together improv style and then jump back out and each do our own thing. Its interesting, its fun, the audience enjoys the variety, and we get to experiment. This collective thing is by no means a new thing, but I'm having a great time with it! We are all seasoned stage performers as well, so throwing a set together at the drop of a hat and performing in an awkward setting now and again is no big deal. (Thank you, Carolena! )
We perform two Friday evenings every month at L's Cafe. Its a friendly, warm, cozy, woman-owned cafe in the heart of the Mission. Come have a happy hour send off to the weekend and start your Friday night off at L's Cafe! Support us, and a great cafe and neighborhood!
Rashani World Fusion
June 6th
June 18th
7pm and 8pm
L's Cafe
2871 24th street
Btwn Bryant and Florida
San Francisco, Ca.

Top photo of Wendy and Kathleen and Wendy taken by Kristine Adams

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