Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blessed Vintage Restoration

My friend Erica has the most amazing Vintage in her wardrobe. This woman never leaves the house looking frumpy. She just oozes Style. I bet she wakes up stylish in the morning!

Ive been blessed to be restoring some of her things that have needed a little love. This coccoon coat is my favorite. It just had a little rip on the hoodie collar and needed some stitches on the button loop. The button itself needs a total overhaul, but it might be better to just leave it like it is or replace it with another. The fabric was so worn at the edges and there was no excess fabric anywhere to remake a new one with. Wish I could show it all off better. I learned a new button covering technique with this one! If I can get ahold of an old black voile or tulle, I can redo this button for her.
The ribbon embroidery and fringe trim are exquisite! Every bit is hand sewn. The thread is strong and sturdy, if not a little faded in parts. The silk lining is still in great shape - very often the linings in these old garments are shot. Simply shredded to bits.

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