Friday, January 15, 2010

The United States Is Vast

I am now back from my road trip through the Southwest and Texas - during a nasty winter cold snap - and am now more appreciative of how vast this country is. It makes me see how insanely hard it must be to keep its shit together and I see more clearly where it fails in this. But also where it succeeds. This is still a relatively young society and like toddlers, we have made a few boo boos. I too, stomped on ants when small............ I love the Southwest.  I love the beauty of the land and I love how nice almost everyone was who we met along the way. I hate what has happened to our original inhabitants. This was hard to see up close and personal. But the big Texas hair in the Dallas grocery store cheered me right up!

Our Albuquerque trunk show was amazing and 3rd Coast was a blast! So as soon as I can, I'll blog about Salome's Suitcase's Road Trip and the wonderful folks we met along the way!!!!!!

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