Friday, January 22, 2010

Its Edwardian Ball Time Again

I spent this week refurbishing a costume for the Edwardian Ball. Lori King commissioned me to make her an outfit for the ball last year,  but we didn't get to fine tune it. This year we added feathers around the neckline and bustle. We straighted the dress out and made the outer bustle cage easier to maneuver in. Then Lori and Jennifer talked me into going to the ball tomorrow night. They stood over my shoulder and watched to make sure I was actually buying the ticket ...........because I guess I have become notorious for saying I'll go  out and then flake. Well, Im tired. Once the sun goes down, I want to go to sleep. But I let them talk me into it because I secretly wanted to go and Im not vending there this year. And they are very merry company to attend a glamorous ball with.

If I dont turn into a pumpkin at midnight, I'll be very fortunate.

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