Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Sellers

Easily, my best sellers are my Bum Ruffles. Generally speaking, with a few exceptions, these are pretty inexpensive. Most popular with the Tribal Belly Dance crowd, these are great hip wraps, made to be worn with skirts and pants. Some can be used as shawls, some have been seen wrapping a head or two, made to be worn tied to the side, they can be worn any which way really......including being able to achieve a great bustled effect with the more fluffie wraps.

Perfect for dance, yoga, flamenco, Steampunk costuming........they are versatile, which is always a plus in this day and age!

Find them on Etsy or contact me at:

Coming soon:
More Sampants
Garter Shorts
Bum Ruffles
Dance Pantaloons

And whatever else I can get sewn up!!!!!!

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