Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fuel Or A Hole In The Ground

Im watching the Science Channel and wouldnt you know it - they are talking about Meteor Crater in Arizona. Salome's Suitcase drove up to it through the cold red Arizona desert. We thought it would be fun to check out. Just one little tourist trap of interest. Some scientific memory we could take home.

But it was $15.00 to get in. To see a hole in the ground. A frozen hole at that. Now maybe on a better day, but our RV was using up an awful lot of gas and I knew I would see something on tv about it soon. Hahahaha - todays the day! So we saved ourselves enough to fill the tank halfway and had to settle for youtube and the Science Channel. Thats fine. They have a great parking lot!

The view was stupendous. The red of the dirt was rusty blood red. The sky was amazing. The view was to die for. The rock formations were crazy.............

Here is the lip of the crater.

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