Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Allure of the Stripe

Something about stripes.......they make a strong  statement and they draw the line down towards the feet, making you appear slimmer and longer.

I just made a small lot of these ADORABLE black and white striped Sampants!
Ive got Small through Extra Large listed on Etsy, and I have two each of most sizes.
I'll repost the extras as they sell.
These are made of the good stuff - the nice heavier weight cotton lycra that holds its shape and lasts a long time.
Im always on the lookout for this heavier weight stretch cotton.. I don't buy in bulk, so its hit or miss when it comes to finding this fabric.I just happened to be at the fabric store at the same time they were unloading the truck.

Get em while they're hot!

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