Sunday, July 3, 2011


No matter how you want to look at this country, its an interesting one. Everyday we realize that things are not as we thought they were. I just read recently somewhere online that there is a thought that the Druids came over to America and intermarried with the Natives here.Sorry - I have no idea where I read that and I should have bookmarked it.  It said that the Druids and natives in South Dakota became the Lakota. Im sure the Lakota would have something to say about this  - and you cant believe everything you read online - but the fact that the Vikings were here long before Columbus was but a myth not too long ago. We pretty much know they were in fact here wandering around and probably intermarrying with the natives.So who knows......maybe the Druids DID come over and have been here a long time. That would be very exciting. They had to go somewhere, now, didnt they, since Cesar insisted on exterminating them. (Those Romans ........)!  I guess what Im trying to say is that this has always been a country of immigrants. Even the native people who were here thousands of years before the white man, came from somewhere else. And who knows who or what was here before them.

Oh - HERE it is - it looks like someone made it up or heard it said - but its a fun thought - hope it pans out to be true one day. This would be a fun twist on history!And to be honest, its a fascinating subject, but I am very ignorant of  a great deal of knowledge on the subject - well, we all are, since there is very little that has been passed down. It all died when they died. Just not into much revival stuff..........unless it has to do with costuming.

We need to get over all this illegal immigrant bullshit and start respecting anyone who risks their life to come here and work for shit wages doing the shit jobs that nobody white wants to do. We all complain about no jobs, but I see house cleaning jobs all over the place listed on Craigslist.. Put your gloves on and start cleaning toilets if you are out of work! Get thee into the sweat shops! Its good honest work and having done it before, its not going to hurt you if you are fit. (except wear you down to the bone and break your back) Do something useful and take back those jobs that these immigrants are taking away from you, you idiots. And lets take care of those horribly paid workers, shall we? The child of one might be smarter than you and be a future president.

So back to Druids. I know very little about their spiritual practices.Ive never felt comfortable donning robes and standing in circles.(Like I even know what Im talking about )  But  I say more power to any group who trys to recapture the old ways. Maybe not the human sacrifice part, but even I, who tries to be a more loving and humane person these days can see the wisdom in putting rapists, stalkers, and pedophiles in wicker baskets.

Well, if I were Queen.......................
Happy Independence Day to everyone who actually made it to the U.S. and survived. I hope it was worth the effort. Some of us seem to have forgotten what we've got and don't want to share.And just remember that you cant do what you want in a lot of places in the world. This dreamland country of ours is flawed and going down hill fast. This Rome is burning........the powers that control  us are insane and watching it burn.........but if we all pull together, we can douse the fires and make this country strong again. We can have our dreams here.

Put on those gloves and lets get to work!

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Pica Maloria said...

I appreciate your saying what's on my mind in regards to immigrants and the way people treat them. One set of my grandparents came here in the early 1900's from "slovakland" and the others ancestors arrived here from Germany in the 1700's. They all moved here, worked hard, created families and were very likely hated by those who got here before them because they were different. Some things never change. But I am grateful to them for sticking it out, as here I am today, muttastic American. Thank you for your message and Happy Fourth, Kathleen!