Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alana's Wedding

Alana was referred to me by a mutual friend that Ive known for over 20 years. Her friend Amy was actually the go between for us. We communicated a bit first via email, then they set up an appointment to come into the studio.

Well, I liked them both right off. Alana is an architect and knew just what she wanted. She had purchased a beautiful designer dress, but it wasn't fitting and she wanted the bodice reconstructed. This was going to prove a bit of a challenge because it already was an asymmetrical cut and we were going to have to cut into the matching lining to get some extra lining.
This was one wedding story that brought tears to my eyes.. The groom to be had been in an accident and had suffered traumatic head wounds. They nursed him back to health, although progress will still be long and difficult. I met him as well, and this couple brought the meaning of commitment back home to me. The meaning of love. The meaning of why I do this.

Sure I like to make really cool things. I love to make unique and personalized wedding gowns. I love the whole process. And sure, most people are happy in love when they get around to marrying. But these two are the prime example of why dressing up a bit for your commitment day is important. Its a showing of respect for each other and the whole circle of people who love you.

So Alana brought her thoughts and ideas to the table. We discussed budget and what could and couldn't be done to the dress. We had about 4 fittings altogether because of the difficulty of the design. I cut off the existing straps, re cut the bodice, made the bodice lining lie flatter under the bodice, gave it a more sweetheart type of neckline, made thicker straps, took it in a bit at the sides,covered buttons for the bustling of the train, and made little swing tags for the hem where we wanted to hike it up.

It turned into an easier dress for her to wear. She can have her poolside reception and be comfortable. She can wear it again and again. I'll post photos of her in it if I can get them!