Friday, June 10, 2011

I Love Doing Alterations (I really do!)

Ive been lucky through word of mouth to have a few very pretty wedding dresses to either make or to alter this season! I'll post more photos as soon as I can get some, but I just want to let you all know that I LOVE doing alterations! I dont know why. Many simply hate it, but I find it very satisfying to take a piece of clothing apart and put it back together either to make it look like it had never been altered, or to change the direction of the gown/outfit.

I love this for several reasons: because its so hard to find things to fit off the rack, because I find it fascinating how garments are put together,  because I always learn something new when I alter a garment, and because I love it when something fits - when a garment transforms you. I learned much of my tailoring technique by being fortunate enough to take apart and put back together again  Haute couture clothing. Some of this was found in consignment or vintage clothing stores. Some was worn by the Hollywood elite. Some was worn by certain SF personalities..........

At any rate, please bring me your wardrobe that needs updating. Bring me your wedding dress that needs taken in, let out, hem up or down, bustle added, whatevs..............I do a great job, have reasonable or comparable rates, and am located in the East Bay, 15 minutes north of Berkeley, Ca. Easy to get to by car and easy to find.

I love making Wedding dresses from scratch also. Lets not forget the specialness of your wedding day, and how this garment that you wear symbolizes your new life together. Celebrate any way you like, but if you decide to come to me for your dress, I will pour my soul into it. I specialize in the off-beat bride who likes to do things her way and not necessarily the way her mama did things!

Moving out of San Francisco has put me in the position of starting over in a way.  Maybe not the best timing because of the economy, but maybe it was. At any rate, My city clients hate to cross the bridge, so I am reaching out to you East Bayers and you Napa/Sonoma  folk. I have a fabulous studio to work out of, I was born and raised here. I'm back home. I'm ready to roll!
  These are dresses that I recently altered. The above is from the current BHLDN website. I put some boning in the bodice and took some of the poufiness out of the skirt and lining. On the dress in the bottom photo, I took off the scratchy glass beading under the arms (why would you do that to someone - its going to rip the flesh from your underarms eventually!) and bustled up her train with vintage buttons.

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