Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zambra Fusion Bellydance

My dance buddy and good friend, Wendy Marlatt is back in San Francisco again after living many years in Dublin, Ireland. And while Ireland and the UK now miss her, I missed her more! I did get to go stay with Wendy and her charming husband in their fabulous loft deep in the heart of the city. I did get to go hang out in the lands of my ancestors, meet many wonderful people and have great fun, but its always nice to get your friends back after they have been gone such a long, long time!

Wendy and I started dancing around the same time at the FatChanceBellyDance studio. She took ATS abroad and spread the love - spread the word! She formed her own troupe - Rashani International, studied under the finest teachers here and overseas, hosted the best of the best who came to teach and perform in Dublin, developed her own style and has now brought it back full circle. She has pulled me out of semi retirement, has commenced teaching me fun new steps, and Rashani World Fusion Bellydance is now based in SF!

Zambra is a really fun, flirty, graceful, feminine dance!!!!!!!! Come to her workshops !!!!!!!!!!!

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