Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been very happy here on Albion Street, but its getting a little cramped for space and Ive been on a little search to see whats out there in the way of work spaces. I have my criteria. It has to be a very short walking distance to my house.  This doesn't seem unreasonable as I am so very close to buildings that house creative types. There are several big buildings near me that are devoted to artists and the like. Some of the spaces are really beautiful but the rents for the space I need are still a bit more than I can cough up in this economy. There is something out there with light and love - I know it. I see them sometimes on Craigslist. But I am officially putting my request out there to the Universe. I am willing to share with the right person. Im in no super hurry. But I would like more room for all those big fancy ball gowns that I envision.

I wont be getting this:

But I would like it to be bigger than this:

Just sayin.,.........Santa can come early if he wants................

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