Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you Ireland

Well, I did it. I almost forgot all about St. Paddy's Day today. I guess the realization last year that I'm not as Irish as I had been led to believe during my formative years got to me and my Irish side shut down. My Irish friends have been very nice about this, but still........its not the same.

However, I did start thinking about my Godfather, Andy Caverly. He came from Ireland and I always remember him looking like a leprechaun. He actually did when he was older. He was so proud of being Irish, although he lived here in the states, that he dyed his hair green every year and led the St. Patricks' Day parade. I remember him as being very kind and very jolly. I think the story goes that he befriended my mom at their church in Alameda, California, and introduced her to my dad. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me.

I went to my Grandma Crowley's funeral with he and some of my sisters in the same limo. I was pregnant with my son. For some reason, the limo driver took us to the protestant cemetery by mistake and we ended up laughing our asses off. He said my Grandma was up in heaven enjoying the moment. I'll never forget that. I think he knew her better than I did.

So if it were not for the doing of the Irish, I would not be here. I would not be of Irish descent. I would not be creative. I would not live in this great nation. I would not be.

Thank you Ireland. I love you more than you know.

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