Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Splendor In The Grass

Black Lotus, Medina Maitreya (of Salomes' Suitcase) and Kami Liddle went out into the wilds somewhere in the East Bay hills for this photo shoot! They battled snakes and wild cows and Mountain Lions to get this shot! I love the whole composition - the hair - the clothes - the setting - the photography. Its just lovely! While I enjoy seeing Gorgeous Belly Dancers in their amazing costumes, its nice to see them wearing fashion as well. They are true Trend Setters!!!!!

Kami is gorgeous anyway...........but these photos are just lovely!

Kami is wearing stretch velvet Sampants - often copied, I might add, and the subject of my previous rant.
I was very upset. I know there is nothing that can be done, really about pirates, but it does help to know that I have the ability to modify this design (and all my others) to fit the hard to fit - which the pirates cant and wont do. This copying for profit practice does hurt designers, and it does hurt my business, but it just forces me to move on to other things..........I'll make it work to my advantage somehow. We all must.

I love this corset vest also. I want one and I have to get Medina to make me a much larger version somehow! (pretty please) This is your classic example of why we should try to buy from the designer. Sure I have the capability of making something similar. But would it be the same? No. Same Fabric? No. Same flair? No. Would it fit the same? No. Do I have the time? NO. Will it help the economy and help keep someone in business? Yes.

So There.

Model: Kami Liddle
Photo: Black Lotus
Corset Vest, Camisole, Hair, Makeup: Medina Maitreya
Pants: KathleenCrowleyCostmeCouture
Earrings: Auberon

Ok. So I lied about battling the snakes, wild cows, and mountain lions............but they could have!

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