Thursday, February 4, 2010

Third Coast Or Bust

My pictures from Third Coast Tribal mainly suck. I was using my iphone camera indoors in low light. That wasnt my most brilliant move - but I had misplaced my real camera and this had to do. Most photos didnt turn out, but I just want to show how pretty our space was.
Thats one reason I love our little collective.........we make our booth pretty and interesting - and we work well together. Our goods are high quality and we like things to look interesting and a cut above the norm. So we are always moving stuff around on the racks and tables and freshening up the look and feel of the booth. And then we take notes and figure out how to make it better next time!
~Rose taking notes in her new winter 5 & Diamond jacket~
We were right up against the stage at this venue, which was pretty, but maybe not the best area all in all. The lighting was poor and since there were workshops on the stage, shopping had to be kept at a minimum - not the best place to put a vendor - but we made it work and everyone was so nice. I met women who had purchased from me on Etsy - and that was so much fun! I just LOVE meeting people who buy and wear my things. Call me crazy...........but its such a huge compliment!!!!! And then of course, we got to watch our stuff in action on the stage in the workshops.


So we made it. We got there. We had fun. We financed our trip.........and thats what matters! 

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