Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank You Alexander McQueen

In spite of this awful week, and perhaps despite it, Im feeling love in my heart for everything creative. When Lee Alexander McQueen left this earth, a huge hole was left for us to fill. And it is going to take all of us to do it.

A friend of mine and I were talking yesterday and he said that it is not our duty to find happiness in our personal lives, but to create something in which to leave behind for others when we die. And this rung true for me. Perhaps we think too much about ourselves and our personal needs and not about making the world a more beautiful place.  It has been seeming so for an awfully long time.

And if we did concentrate on our creativity - and leaving that behind when we die - other than children and things  and debt, perhaps the next generations would be spurred on to do the same.

Well, it was just a thought. But I did see where I have been focusing on the wrong things. Or just plain useless, meaningless THINGS. Mr. McQueen is in a better place now with the ladies he loved. We still have what he left behind to inspire us. And let us not forget all the other wonderful designers out there who create amazingly wonderful feasts for our eyes. He cannot be replaced, but let us not forget them now in our sorrow.

Back to business at hand. Today I will be doing my laundry and cutting out yards and yards of fabric for new items to make and sell. New garment pieces  to hopefully add a little joy in someone's day. Perhaps something frivolous. Perhaps something that isn't completely practical. But in the world of increasing Corporate Darkness that is fed off of the Mundane, it will be my tiny little contribution. I love you. Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day. Do something today that fills your soul.

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