Monday, February 15, 2010

Bland Land

I dont usually pay much attention to the goings on of NY Fashion Week because it is generally boring. Maybe boring is too controversial. SAFE would be the better word. But nothing new there. America does not like its fashion over the top. I dont know why that is. Corporate Darkness?

Because the passing of Alexander McQueen has overshadowed the fashion world during its most important time of the year, I thought I would search a bit online while having my morning coffee and see what pops up. I thought I would give us a chance - it didnt seem fair to let a design hero's death outshine what everyone else is trying to achieve.

All I got was this.

So dont get me wrong. I love Betsty Johnson and I always will. Ive always worn her clothes. I used to be  compared to her. This is way cute, but its just so.............tame. Come on America. You can do better.

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